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Jesus Trek – Chapter 26 – Sing to the Lord

JT felt pretty good about doing what was right in his last adventure. However, he definitely had the feeling that forces were in the background just waiting for him to stumble. ‘Maybe not even that,” he thought, “if I continue to do what is right I will gain a reputation of doing what is right and correct with the help of our Lord.

The sky was very grey in the distance. It looked like a storm was in the distance. The land was also getting greyer as well. The vegetation was getting very sparse with large expanses of sand in the middle. It felt like he was walking towards something that was waiting for him.


Prayer, Discipleship and Community – Part 1

In my early years as a Christian, I read many books on prayer by such spiritual giants as Arthur Mathews (“Born for Battle”) and E.M.Bounds (“Power Through Prayer”). I think I was naive to think that I could become an effective prayer warrior on my own by simply reading these kinds of books and just becoming more disciplined in my life.

These things are obviously helpful. But they also reveal a very individualistic way of looking at prayer, spirituality and discipleship. In the Christian Scriptures, learning to pray and practising prayer in a corporate context is also very important.