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Jesus Trek – Chapter 25 – Thy Will Be Done

As he walked down the road, JT was glad in this wonderful day. He was glad to be alive and on this journey searching for Jesus. It seemed like life’s situations threw him directly into situations where he was forced to make decisions.

No sooner had he thought this, than he turned the bend in the road and saw a dilemma. There was a person lying by the side of the road. He looked like he had been beaten up. JT ran towards him and also saw an empty money pouch lying on the ground beside the man.

Robbed man 

JESUS TREK – 4 – The 10 friends

JT Walked down the dusty path for many hours and soon he could hear the running of water. As he looked he also saw a few houses and now he could see a town. At the end of a very short main street he saw a large dock with many people milling around.

“When is it going to come, we’ve being waiting forever?” One brightly dressed woman exclaimed to the others. There appeared to be 10 ladies dressed up in finery, it was hot and dusty, yet they stood waiting by the dock.