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Jesus Trek – Chapter 25 – Thy Will Be Done

As he walked down the road, JT was glad in this wonderful day. He was glad to be alive and on this journey searching for Jesus. It seemed like life’s situations threw him directly into situations where he was forced to make decisions.

No sooner had he thought this, than he turned the bend in the road and saw a dilemma. There was a person lying by the side of the road. He looked like he had been beaten up. JT ran towards him and also saw an empty money pouch lying on the ground beside the man.

Robbed man 

Jesus Trek – Chapter 22 – The Greatest Speaker

The little boy, JT, walked along the dusty road and noticed that there were people heading in the same direction as he. He asked as one young couple walked by, “Where are you going?”

“We are off to see Jehosaphat! He’s the greatest, no one can touch him!” The man said excitedly, then his female companion broke in, “You just have to see him to believe him, he is the greatest, we follow him everywhere he goes. Are you going there too?”


Jesus Trek – Chapter 21 – The Sacrifice

It was a very strange sight JT happened upon during his trek to the next town. There appeared to be two groups of people in a large field. The people ranged from toddlers to the extremely aged.

What made the spectacle so bizarre was that both sides were throwing balls of fire in lacrosse sticks at each other. He stopped awhile to watch and noted that if a person got hit by the ball of fire they were immediately expelled from the game. No one seemed to help them stop the fire that spread on the victims’ clothes; they seemed to be completely enthralled in the game.


Jesus Trek – Chapter 18 – The Greatest Gift

JT went down the road, shaking his head at the last town. He just didn’t understand why some people thought a common thief was a hero. He wanted to find a place where the people knew right from wrong. He shook the dust of that town off his feet and kept moving.

After a couple of days, he finally walked into town just as dusk was settling over the land. In the distance he saw a very bright glow from a building on the edge of the town he was approaching. As he got closer he could hear the sound of singing voices. The sound was cheery and JT wanted to go find the source of that sound.

Church at night

Jesus Trek – Chapter 17 – The Town “Hero”

JT walked into the next town and found quite a carnival atmosphere. There were well armed men on horses in a cluster at one end of the town square. On the other end, there were men on 2 large wagons handing out goods to everyone clustered around them. It was loud with everyone clamoring for items the men were handing out. The items they were handing out did not look new. In fact, the items they were handing out looked as if it was everything one would need to furnish a house.

outlaws on horseback

Jesus Trek 14 – Two Masters

JT walked along the road for a few days until he saw a lot of activity on the outskirts of the town. It looked like many people were working in the field harvesting on one side of the road. There were many people there ranging in age from children to the aged. He stood and watched. There was a line next to a man with a wagon. As the line moved up, the man checked the basket that each person held, and then gave them money. Then that person rushed back to the field and began picking again. As he got closer he saw that many types of vegetables is what they were picking.


Jesus Trek 13 – The Lazy Trio

As JT walked along the coast he came up on a fishing village. It looked as if there had been quite a storm recently. Most of the fishing shacks had damaged roofs on them. There were quite a few men and boys working diligently to fix them. All of them were under repair except for one.

Damaged fishing shack

In front of that one there were three men sitting playing dice with money in the middle between them. They seemed totally unconcerned about the damage around them.