Colleen Neposlan


Colleen grew up in a Christian home and as a daughter of a pastor she was raised in many small communities across Ontario and one in Saskatchewan. In 1990 she moved to Windsor to attend teachers college. During a Good Friday service that same year she came to realize that God was calling her “to live fully for Him.” She was 26. Since that time Colleen has involved herself in a variety of ministries including university campus ministries, teaching at a Christian school and at a local church.

Two years later Colleen met pastor John Neposlan and the two were wed in 1995. They have five children together: Joshua, Caleb, Lilyana, Andrew and Rebekah.

Colleen’s been attending the Devonwood Community Church of the Nazarene since 1996 when John became the pastor. Today she serves as the Sunday School Superintendent, helps her husband in various ways and serves on the worship team.

Colleen enjoys pretty much “anything to do with music.” She’s also an avid reader of historical fiction and Christian devotionals, and she enjoys a good puzzle from time to time – especially Sudoku or crossword puzzles.