Jesus Trek – 1 – House on the Beach

The little boy, JT, walked down the road towards the beach. It was a bright and sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. He thought, ‘it would be so nice to live on the beach and be able to swim anytime I wanted to.’

As if in response to his thought, he saw a house on the beach. It was like the beach knew what he needed. There was a big house sitting right on the beach.

HOuse on sand“Wow that is so nice.” The little boy said aloud in surprise. “It’s the best house around, right on the beach; it’s just what I need.” It had everything, he ran up to the house and it was empty. It didn’t look like anyone lived there but it was full of furniture and stuff.

It had a game room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a great room and that was just on the main floor. It was lovely, he ran through the whole thing and it was very neat. Best of all, it was right on the beach.

He looked out the windows and in the distance; sitting on top of a little rocky hill was another house. It looked very small and was not as fancy. He ran out of the house and towards the other one. Maybe someone lived there. It would be so neat to find a friend.

He ran for a while, but got tired and then a walk was the best he could do. The house was larger than it looked in the distance. It was every bit as grand when he got closer to it. On and on he walked, until he arrived at the house. It was at least an hour from the beach. He climbed up the little rocky hill and there sat the house.

It looked almost identical to the other house. The beach looked so far away now, as did the house he had just left. This house seemed to be unoccupied as well. He went through it and it was also full of furniture and stuff. It was every bit as good as the other house.

He sure liked the beach though, so after a short rest, he walked back to the house on the beach. It took him about an hour, but then he was back in that house. He would sure like living in this house a lot better.

Every morning he woke up and walked along the beach after breakfast. This was the perfect house and he was glad he moved into it. The weather was perfect every single day; this was the best place to be. The only thing missing was a friend to share it with.

One morning when he woke up there were dark clouds in the distance way out over the water. He went outside, but it was cool and felt like rain. So he went back into to look at it through the windows by the beach.

The storm came and it started raining harder and harder. He had never seen it rain that hard. On and on it rained all day long and into the night. JT went to bed and it was still raining. When he woke up it was still raining and the beach seemed a lot closer than it did yesterday.

The beach was so close he could jump off the front porch and land in the water. It was a good thing the house was snug and dry. It rained and rained, so JT went back to bed and took a nap. There was nothing to do while it rained so much.

JT awoke with a start at the loud noise that bounced around inside the house. It sounded like the house was falling apart. He slid towards the window as there was something wrong with the house. If the wall wouldn’t have been there, he would have fallen out of the house.

He looked out the window and gasped! Where the beach used to be was gone and the house was tilted towards the water. He had to get out fast! He climbed up the floor towards the back door and tried to open it. It swung in and he held onto the doorknob or he would have slid back.

It was quite high to the ground, at least 4 times his height. He had to jump, “Ohhhh,” and he fell on the sand that was very spongy with water. It was still raining and so cold with the wind. JT felt sorry for himself until he remembered the house on the little rocky hill.

He moved away from the beach house and heard a loud sound as it toppled over into the water. It made such a large splash that he was drenched instantly. He headed towards the hill as fast as he could go.


It took more than an hour as he was wet and cold. JT found the other house to high and dry on the little hill. He opened the door and fell on the floor. He was glad to have this for home now. He wished he would have chosen the house on the rocky hill after all.

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