Jesus Trek – Chapter 33 – Meeting Jesus (Matthew 18:20)

JT felt different now that he was baptized. He felt energized and yet he also knew that his journey was not yet over. He was still on a journey to find Jesus. The sun was shining; the fields were lush and full of the bounty that the rain and the sun had been kind to this year.

country road 

He reveled in the scents of summer, the sounds of the birds and the blue sky overhead. It was a glorious day and he walked down the dusty road in the midst of this farm country. On and on he walked, until he began to hear the sound of singing.

It was very faint, but as he walked along the sound grew steadily stronger with every step. Wisps of sound floating on the breeze, not unlike the seeds of dandelions floating on the wind came to his ears. Faint traces of words he could discern, and on occasion make out a few. Finally he grew close enough that he could make out and understand all the words of the songs. music in air

It made him want to run and leap as fast as he could to get to the source of the music. As he turned the bend in the road, a small country church came into view. It was not much larger than a house, and painted a bright white. The grounds around it were immaculately tended and inviting.


JT beat the dust from his clothes and meekly climbed the steps to the little church. He quietly entered the open doorway and looked around for a seat at the rear. There was bench, and as the lady there saw him, she tapped the man beside her and they scooted over to make room for him. He smiled shyly at them, mouthed ‘thank you’ and sat beside them.

congregation small

As he sat there, a wave of welcoming wafted over him. He drank in the presence of being with other Christians. The sermon was on the “Body of Christ” and how the Church was tasked with being Jesus’ representatives on Earth. In addition, everyone was also encouraged to embrace one another in love. JT felt the love and fellowship while he sat there.

As the service came to an end, the Pastor walked to the rear of the church, stopped and welcomed JT to the church. “Are you staying long, young fellow?” the elderly Pastor asked gently as he smiled warmly at him.

“I think I might. I have been looking for Jesus for so very long.” JT replied. He added, “After my baptism, I thought I had ended my journey, but something was missing. As I sat here in your church I felt the presence of Jesus in our midst. ”

The pastor smiled, “Good, where believers in Christ are gathered, Christ is also there. Welcome home.” faith family fellowship

QOTD: This story illustrates how you find Jesus on earth by meeting with other believers. One great way to meet other believers is at Church. We are admonished to become as Jesus, so we are his representatives on earth. May you find faith, love and fellowship at the church of your choice!

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