Jesus Trek – Chapter 31 – Stepping out in Faith (John 14:6)

JT had many things to think about as he thought about the man who was obsessed by trying to earn a spot in Heaven. It seemed so difficult now. How could someone ever get to Heaven by himself? He shook his head as he walked along the dusty road.

Obviously, what the man had tried to do would not lead to Heaven; but what would? JT trudged along until he came to a fork in the road. One path was smooth and easy, the other led up on a rough and rugged route. One way would be so much easier than the other. fork-in-the-road

JT knew he had to take the path that looked so hard. He had come so far on his trek to find Jesus. If Jesus was on the wide open road where everything was easy, then he would have found him already, wouldn’t he? JT chose the fork that led up along the rough road. It might be a dead end. He didn’t know. It began to get rougher quickly.

rocky path After a couple of hours, the path between the tall walls of rock seemed to go on forever. He walked and walked yet it seemed that the path went on and on. He traveled until dusk, then made camp by the side of the road and looked at the walls. Was he doing the right thing?

When he awoke in the morning, the narrow wall was only a few feet from his camp. The darkness must have made it seem further. JT craned his neck and the top of the wall seemed to be lost in the mists high above him. Well, it was obvious no one would be able to climb that wall. It was rough like a mountain, but there were no handholds to climb.


JT ate his breakfast, and then made his way to the opening in the way; the opening seemed just large enough for him. He couldn’t bring his pack with him. It was barely large enough for him to wear the clothes on his back. He looked around, and then took his pack and coat off to carry them. Soon he was walking along a rocky path up in the mists.

Stone Inca trail

After walking that awhile, he came to another narrow passage between the walls. There seemed to be light on the other side. JT was concerned about what lay on the other side.  There could be anything in there, wild animals ready to tear him apart. A maze that would trap him, did he really want to go into that crack in the wall. JT steeled himself and walked into the mountainous wall.

path narrower

JT found, once he got inside, that it was indeed a maze. He looked up and he only saw misty clouds above him. He looked back and saw that he could turn back, but he was determined not to do that.

All of a sudden, the shepherd who had protected him appeared before him. He was in a huge pasture where everything was green and gentle. JT trembled and fell to his knees. The shepherd looked at him with such kindness and love that JT feared no more and got to his feet.

Jesus-the-Good-ShepherdHe felt such a wave of love and compassion unlike anything he had ever felt before. He reached out his hand and suddenly it was like he had been blind before and now he could see. It had always been so easy, why didn’t he just take the chance? He only believe in what he could see, but now he knew there was so much more to life.

The shepherd touched him and he fell asleep. When he awoke he was on the wide and open road leading through green pastures. Things were so clear now. There was no sign of the mountain with the narrow path. The colors were so much brighter now and he knew that he didn’t want to go back to way things were.

He was still missing a couple of pieces to his journey, but Jesus had shown him the path he must take.

QOTD: This story illustrated how you must step out in faith to be saved. Think back to when you first made the decision to believe and trust in Jesus. For me it was a scary decision, not unlike stepping out into a land you have never been and have no concept of what it would be like. People always said it would change you, but would you really want to be changed? How did you feel about it? It reminds me of a line in a song that goes, “but the great treasure remains for those who choose you now.” I’ve never known anyone to have regrets, AFTER they step out in faith.

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