Jesus Trek – Chapter 28 – The Two Children

JT kept walking and wound up in the next town. When he arrived there, it was the cleanest town he had ever visited. There was a man who was sweeping the street and occasionally picking up a piece of trash. He looked like he was happy and enjoying himself. In fact, he was whistling while he was sweeping. This sure didn’t look like someone who hated what he was doing.



As JT walked up, he saw a well-dressed merchant walk by with an armful of parcels. As he passed the street sweeper, a pouch fell out of his pocket and clinked on the ground. The merchant did not appear to notice, but the street sweeper called out; picked up the pouch and returned it to the merchant. He refused a reward and went back to his sweeping.

A person walked by JT and remarked, “He sure is honest isn’t he? And hard working too. He wasn’t always that way, of the Mayor’s two sons he was the troublemaker and got into lots of trouble. After a year in jail, he has been a changed man. I would trust him with my family and my life!” JT stood there with his mouth open.

A few minutes later, JT passed a well-dressed person who appeared very proper and pious. He was dressed soberly and talking to the Mayor. The Mayor seemed to have some angry words with the man, and then the man left.

evil judge

A scowl lit his face, as he passed by a dog, looking around to see if anyone was looking, and he didn’t see JT or anyone else watching, so he kicked the dog, smirked and continued on his way.

The merchant, with his arm full of parcels, must have made a stop because he came out of a shop and passed this man. Once again, a pouch fell out of his pocket. The proper and prim man, looked around furtively, looked directly at JT and pocketed the pouch.

The man tipped his hat to the next merchant then stood there and talked about the business of the day. It was obvious that this man only behaved well when he was being watched. When he did not think he was being watched he was a very bad character.

As the man turned the corner, he saw JT and put a slick smile on as he greeted him and reached out his hand to shake his. “Why young man, if you say a word about what you saw, I will say you stole the pouch. Who do you think they will believe a Judge, son of the Mayor or… a little boy from out of town?” He leered at JT, laughed loudly, then turned and walked quickly down the street.

JT gulped and nodded. The man smiled slyly then strode off. It was obvious things were not as they appeared.


QOTD: This story illustrated how some sin at first then repent later in life, and others who claim to be righteous and yet act the opposite. Do you know anyone like this, of either type? The scripture for this story was Matthew 21: 28-32.

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