Jesus Trek – Chapter 26 – Sing to the Lord

JT felt pretty good about doing what was right in his last adventure. However, he definitely had the feeling that forces were in the background just waiting for him to stumble. ‘Maybe not even that,” he thought, “if I continue to do what is right I will gain a reputation of doing what is right and correct with the help of our Lord.

The sky was very grey in the distance. It looked like a storm was in the distance. The land was also getting greyer as well. The vegetation was getting very sparse with large expanses of sand in the middle. It felt like he was walking towards something that was waiting for him.


Far in the distance, to the right, JT saw an army approaching. There was a tree with no vegetation on it. JT ran to the tree and climbed as high as he could go. After about an hour, the army passed under him. They were dressed in the finery of Lords and Ladies. However, the clothing was ragged, torn and blood-stained. The people wearing it did not seem to be injured. These were marauders and bandits.

desert armyThere were thousands of these warriors who traveled right under him. JT prayed with all his might that none would look straight up, they would be sure to see him then. He prayed continuously for God to hide him from these evil people. He kept expecting someone to look up, but none did, and after a few hours they passed away and on to the horizon.

JT was elated, he knew it was a miracle that the tree had no vegetation, and not one of the warriors looked up to see if anyone was in it. That was incredible! His prayers had been answered. JT climbed down and jumped off the last branch onto the ground. The dust of the departing army was far off to the horizon.

He continued the way he had been going. Now to the far left front another dust cloud could be seen. Another army was approaching from that direction! JT looked around and there was no tree to be found. He saw a rock and ran over to it. There was a small cave under one edge of the great boulder. He tossed a small rock into it to see if there were any animals that lived there. Nothing came out.

JT crawled as far back as he could and sat wrapped in his cloak in the back of the cave. He could hear the thundering of many feet of the approaching army. Through the opening in the cave he saw they were carrying torches and flames filled the sky. Soon a dust cloud surrounded him as the army passed. JT prayed very hard that the Lord would protect him and save him from these people as well.

Vking army night

A bearded man stopped and peered into the cave. JT held very still, and the man looked right at him peered right and left. He grunted, threw a rock which hit the boulder right beside him, but JT did not move. He thrust a lit torch into the cave. There was no way the man did not see him now. JT continued praying for protection silently. The bearded man glared right and then glared left, then scooted backwards bringing his torch with him and left.

viking warrior

After a while, the sound from that army receded as well. JT waited until the sound was very faint before he ventured outside to look. Bits of baggage, clothing and loot was scattered around the rock, but no one had remained behind.

JT knelt down and gave thanks to God, praising Him and thanking Him for His protection. Then a song felt like it was bursting out from inside him and he sang praises to the Lord.


QOTD: This story illustrated Faith in God to protect us from the wicked (Jeremiah 20:130). How is this illustrated? Has God protected you when you have been oppressed by evil or wicked people?

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