Jesus Trek – Chapter 23 – The King’s Tax

JT made his way to the outskirts of the next town and found some work helping a farmer harvest some vegetables. In addition, he loaded them on a wagon so the farmer could take them to the weekly farmer’s market.

JT agreed to ride along with the farmer to market. The farmer said he could give money or he could have equivalent wages in food instead. JT told the farmer he would decide once he got to town. He didn’t know if there was anything he wanted to buy in town without looking around first.

Boy on farm1The market was exciting. It was full of merchants with their wares. Here there was a merchant selling fruit, other there was one selling hats and clothes. Another was selling livestock, while yet another was selling ready to eat food.

market scene

Suddenly, clapping could be heard and then a rush of people towards one section of the market. JT asked if he could go look, and the farmer nodded kindly and added, “be careful, there are many types of people here.” JT replied that he would, and then he was off to see the sights, following the crowd.


There was a man breathing fire and another with brightly colored pants who was 15 feet tall! His legs were very tall and the man was also juggling 3 colored balls as he walked around the crowd. JT had never seen people like this before and he was fascinated.

After a while, JT wandered back to the farmers’ stall and he waited until the man wasn’t busy. He waited quietly standing there watching the customers buy the farmers’ vegetables.

“So have you decided, young lad? Which do you want, the kings’ gold or my vegetables?” He grinned then added, “It is pretty exciting here for anyone not used to it, very easy to spend all your money quickly.”

JT replied, “I think I’ll take both. Please give me one fifth of what you owe me in money, and the rest in vegetables.” The farmer smiled, “You are very wise. There are some things you can’t buy with vegetables, but most of those things you can’t eat.” He held out his palm, and his wages were counted out, twenty coins.

JT looked at a coin and saw a picture of a man on it with a crown on his head. That must be the King that everyone is talking about. He nodded and thanked the farmer and walked off into the market.

“Taxes, Taxes, Everyone must pay their Taxes!” A loud voice could be heard. A platoon of soldiers marched up with their nice uniforms, swords at their sides and spears in their left hands. They marched to the center of the square and a line began to form in front of a man with a strong box in front of him.

“No one is immune, even visitors must pay if they have the Kings’ coin on them.” The voice rang out. JT realized, this meant him and he walked over and joined the end of the line.

After a few minutes, JT was at the front of the line. The man blinked, then smiled, “Young man, how much of the Kings’ coin do you have?” JT pulled the twenty coins out and said, “I have 20 of these.” The man smiled and said loudly, “this young man is a fine example of a good citizen. That will be 10% or 2 of your coins.” He held out his hand, and JT gave him 2 coins. A man standing nearby stamped JT’s hand and waved him on his way.


JT thought, ‘If I would have gotten all my pay in the Kings’ coin, I would have paid 10 coins. Oh well, the Kings face is on the coins, so I guess they all belong to him. No ones’ face is on the vegetables. They were grown by the sun and the rain, so they belong to God.’

JT said a prayer of thanks to God and continued on his trek.



QOTD: What scripture does this illustrate?


The answer to last weeks’ story Jesus Trek Chapter 22 – The Greatest Speaker refers to Scripture: 1st Corinthians 13:2.

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