Jesus Trek – Chapter 22 – The Greatest Speaker

The little boy, JT, walked along the dusty road and noticed that there were people heading in the same direction as he. He asked as one young couple walked by, “Where are you going?”

“We are off to see Jehosaphat! He’s the greatest, no one can touch him!” The man said excitedly, then his female companion broke in, “You just have to see him to believe him, he is the greatest, we follow him everywhere he goes. Are you going there too?”


JT shook his head, “I am just traveling in search of one who inspires me daily.”

She nodded “Yes, then you have found him, travel with us!” Her companion nodded and waved, so JT decided to go along with them and see who this person was that all these people thought so highly about.

The people traveling with them increased, and by the time they got to the next town, there was a natural amphitheater. A natural rock formation faced a large hill which was filling up rapidly. The rest of the afternoon the hill gathered more and more people, JT saw that there were more people there than he could count.


About sunset, a group of people came in a line carrying torches. They set them up in a semicircle on the natural rock formation, and then a splendidly dressed man came striding up, waving at the crowd. He held up both hands and the crowd cheered. After a while it finally quieted down.

The man was mesmerizing when he spoke. He told stories of loss and hope that brought you to tears. Next he told stories that made you laugh and be hopeful about the future. Finally, with a gleam in his eye, he painted a picture of a future that you could be included in, if you wished to follow and support him. Cult speaker

JT was able to break the spell of the mans’ charisma by remembering the quest he was on. He looked at the look on peoples faces, they appeared almost feverish with excitement. It was as if he had taken over the crowd, now it would do anything he wanted. The blank looks were on everyone’s faces, except JT of course, and now the coupe de grace. The speaker encouraged people to give him their riches, their time and their lives.

This man appeared to have everyone entranced. A boy rose and hobbled to him on his crutch and said, “I’m ready to follow you and commit my life to your cause.” He looked ragged, hungry and down on his luck.


The speaker looked at him and sneered, “We can’t use you. You would USE our resources. You could contribute NOTHING. Come back when you have something to give, away with you.”

JT looked horrified, and expected that the rest of the crowd would feel the same. However, this was not the cause. They were under this speaker’s spell and were nodding assent with everything the speaker said.

JT walked up to him and asked, “Isn’t Charity to those less fortunate a high ideal?”

“Prosperity is what I preach. This boy obvious does not get it,” He added, “he must have done something wrong otherwise he wouldn’t be in this situation. How about you boy, are you with us or against us?”

JT looked at him and said, “Against! I don’t think your movement is what I want. Your words are fine, even great and inspiring. Your actions negate them all.”

The man clapped his hands, and made a quick signal. Two large men came in and escorted JT to the road and stood guard to make sure he did not mix with the ones who followed their boss.

QOTD: What scripture does this illustrate?

The answer to last weeks’ story Jesus Trek Chapter 21 – The Sacrifice refers to Scripture Romans 5:8.

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