Jesus Trek – Chapter 20 – The Sick Sister and her Brothers

A girl sat up in her bed and looked out the window. She looked very pale and drawn as she gazed upon the street scene. JT came walking by and found 2 boys playing in the street outside her window.

Glasgow Slums They called out for him to stop and play a game of ball with them. JT readily agreed and dropped his bundle by the side of the road. In the hot summer sun, the boys played ball as the butterflies and honeybees darted around them enjoying the weather as well. The game lasted quite a while, until one of the boys said, “I have to stop and do something.”

The other boy retorted, “why, we were having fun? Why do you have to go sit in a dark bedroom? That is so dumb, you are wasting the whole summer away.” Disgustedly, he threw the ball into his glove then added, “I’ll go find someone else to play with. You are no fun.”

The other boy somberly replied, “There isn’t much time now, don’t you want to come too? It could be your last chance!” He pleaded at last, then bounded towards the house with the open window.

JT watched the pair to see what was going on. One boy disappeared into the house and he could see him caressing the cheek of the girl in the bed by the window. She appeared very frail and was quite pale as well. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to read a book to the girl.

sick person

The other boy ran off down the street and disappeared around the corner yelling mocking things to the other boy.

JT traveled through this town and down the road. A few months later, when the weather had turned quite cold, he came back through the same town. It was quite different from the hot summer day when he had passed this way before.

He watched as a funeral procession passed in front of him. He recognized the two boys he had played with on that summer day. The demeanor of the two boys were very different.

funeral procession

The one who had run inside to comfort the girl seemed at peace and a quiet joy was on his face. He waved at JT as he walked by, “That was my sister, but I spent as much time as I could with her these last few months. It was the best time of my life.”

The other boy was wailing and appeared regretful, “I didn’t miss my summer, but I did miss telling my sister goodbye.”


JT hoped this lesson would remain with him a long time.


QOTD: Which brother was more selfish? Which brother gave her the gift she wanted most? Which scripture does this refer to?

The answer to last weeks’ story:  Jesus Trek – Chapter 19 – The Beggar and the Merchant (Matthew 25: 31-46)

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