Jesus Trek – Chapter 17 – The Town “Hero”

JT walked into the next town and found quite a carnival atmosphere. There were well armed men on horses in a cluster at one end of the town square. On the other end, there were men on 2 large wagons handing out goods to everyone clustered around them. It was loud with everyone clamoring for items the men were handing out. The items they were handing out did not look new. In fact, the items they were handing out looked as if it was everything one would need to furnish a house.

outlaws on horsebackThe men handing out the goods looked to be well armed as well. The people receiving the goods did not seem to be afraid of them. This process went on, and JT walked closer to find out what was happening.

“Hey kid,” One of the armed men yelled to JT, “you want a slingshot?” He held out a slingshot and gestured at JT. JT shook his head, “No thanks.” The man looked surprised but quickly turned his attention to another young boy who waved his arm, “I would Ike, I would.” He tossed the slingshot to that boy and then went rooting around for more items.


A quilt was held up that spelled out “Maude.” A lady said with a shrug, “It’ll keep me warm even if it’s not my name.” Things went on like this until every item in both wagons had been handed out.

“Luke, Luke, Luke!” The crowd cheered, and continued yelling that name until one of the men from the other end of the square rode over, dismounted and stood on the wagon. He held both hands high in the air until the crowd quieted down. “Friends, when times began to get hard that’s when we stuck together. Our town will survive, I guarantee that!” Luke - hero

The cheering began again and continued for a while until someone yelled, “When is the next hunt?” At once, the chant began, “Hunt, Hunt, Hunt” That chant continued on until Luke raised his hands, “We just came back, are you needing anything special, if so put in your list with Joe,” and he gestured to one of the men who had handed things out. “Now, as for the next Hunt, we go day after tomorrow. Remember see Joe if you need something.”

Luke stepped down and was instantly clapped on the back until he got aboard his horse and made way down to the other end of the city square. The noise died down and everyone who had gotten something made their way into stores, homes and other destinations.

JT saw the boy who had wanted the slingshot walk by him and he called out to him, “what is the Hunt?” The young boy rolled his eyes, “Everyone knows what the Hunt is. You are so dumb. The Hunt is where our town takes what it wants from those who don’t live in our town.”

JT stood there with his mouth open, “But isn’t that wrong?” The little boy looked at him, “They are not part of the town, and they deserve it.”

JT couldn’t believe what the little boy said, “So Luke is a hero because he robs people?”

The little boy said indignantly, “But he wouldn’t rob us!”


QOTD: What scripture does this refer to?  Is it OK to treat people not in your immediate circle differently than your friends?

The answer to last weeks’ story: Jesus Trek – Chapter 16 – The Wise Man (Matthew 7: 12))



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