Jesus Trek – Chapter 15 – The House and its Builders


As JT walked along, he happened upon a house being built. It seemed to take an awful lot of people to build this house. They were crawling all over it like busy ants. Each person seemed to have their own job. In addition, most of the people appeared to have a younger helper as well.


When JT got closer, he saw the first man appeared to making bricks. There was someone who brought him the materials, someone who made the forms, and of course the person directing the work for those who were helping him.

Then there was another group of workers who were building the walls. They were sawing boards, hammering nails and making the outlines of the walls. Once again there was a leader and others who were assisting him.

In another case there were some making windows frames. There were people with the glazing points, to hold the windows in.; and others who applied putty to make the windows weather tight. Each had their job and appeared to be good at it. Under the direction of the leader of the window frame makers, every window looked perfect.

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Then there were the roofers, they applied the frames to hold the rafters, and were scrambling nimbly on the top of the house to be. Back and forth across the frame they went laying boards and fastening them down. The roof was taking shape board by board.

garden volunteersThen there were people who were digging in the yard, planting flowers over by the edge. Then over on the other side they were planting bushes. The yard and gardens were beginning to take shape.

When JT stood back and looked, the whole building was starting to take shape. Now it looked as if the painters were starting to cover the building with white. It was transformed from the skeleton it looked like this morning. Something was missing though. He wasn’t quite sure what, but almost all the workers looked wistfully up the road as if expecting someone.

A little cupola was added to the top of the building, it looked much different than all the other houses, and he wondered what kind of building it would be. After a while, it looked like it was about complete. Still, something was missing. The carpenters had finished the walls; the roofers had covered the building. Window frames had been installed as well as the brick walkway to the building. Even the door had been added, but something was missing.

Everyone began cheering as a donkey pulling a cart came up the road slowly. The cart was covered, so JT could not see what was inside. The workers lined the road and clapped as a man and woman led the donkey right in front of the building. The cover was removed and two things lay inside, a bell and a cross.


Many hands made light work, and within a few minutes a chain of workers passed the cross up and it was fastened to the top of the cupola. A rope was tied to the bell and it was hoisted up by the roofers standing up on the building. Slowly but surely it too made its way to the roof. It was fastened inside the cupola and a small rope attached to it. Once all was sturdy, JT heard the clean clear sounds of the musical bell calling all to worship in the church.

Each person seemed to have their own integral part to this building, and each was working with the others to make the whole. Each was necessary to make the whole complete.

QOTD: Do you think you see the importance of your job in your church? If you don’t have a job, volunteer! What scripture do you think this story illustrates?

The answer to last weeks’ story: Jesus Trek – 14 – Two Masters (Matthew 6: 19-24)


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