Jesus Trek – 5 – The Rich man

JT walked down the forest path and wound up in another town. This town was much larger and had some quite elegant buildings. In addition, there were also structures that were little better than shacks. It was easy to see some here were rich and others quite poor.

When he got to the center of town he found a simple but imposing building. He saw quite a long line of people in front of the building. They ranged in ages from children to quite elderly. The older people stood leaning on canes.

people in line

One thing was rather odd though; most of the people in line were dressed rather shabbily; while there were others walking around the town, in fine clothes with shiny shoes. Every once in a while, one of the men would stop, snap his fingers and wait. Then a young child, dressed very poorly, would come up, quickly shine his shoes and then he would wave them off impatiently. Following right behind him was a man carrying two huge baskets.

man with huge basket

JT walked up to a kindly looking lady in line and asked, “Why are you lined up here?”

She looked at him with a tired, pain-filled face, and replied softly, “Why it’s the doctor. He only comes here once in a great while. If we don’t see him today then we don’t get to see him until next time.”

Looking closer, he noticed that the people in line were either coughing, bandaged, or otherwise looking in need of medical attention.

A very small child was in the front of the line and looking rather happy to be next in line to see the doctor. Just as he was about ready to enter the door, one of the finely dressed men (in fact the one who had just snapped his fingers to get his shoes shined for free) pushed the young child aside and said, “Out of the way beggar. I don’t have time to wait in this line. You have all day.” Then with a laugh he added, “You have your whole life. All of it is more worthless than one of my days.”

jesus in robeHe pushed his way to the door only to find a stern looking man wearing a white robe. “Did you just push your way in line?”

Blustering, the man replied, “what of it? If you know what is good for you I get treated first, then you can treat this rabble when you get time.”

“What makes you think you are better than these people, your money?” The white-robed man inquired of him cocking his head.

“Look, I always get to go first no matter where I go. I can make it so you can no longer come here if you don’t give me what I want. I ALWAYS get what I want; my money makes sure of that.” He puffed himself up and glared at the man blocking the doorway.

He stood aside to let the man in and said softly, “there is one place you cannot go because of your money.”

The pompous man glared back at him, “I can buy my way anywhere I want to go. Name me one place I cannot. I dare you!” With that, he pushed his way in shoving the sentinel to the side. The man carrying the baskets tried to follow him in and he could not fit.

“Leave your possessions here, you can’t enter with them, they won’t fit.” The man in the white robe said.

“I never go anywhere without my money,” the rich man blustered.

“Well, you can’t go here.” The man replied quietly.

“Then bring the doctor to me, I demand it.” He stomped his foot and threatened shaking his fist.

“As I said, some places you cannot go with your money. Leave it here and enter.” The man in the white robe said firmly.

The man motioned to his servant and left saying, “I didn’t want to go there anyway!”

JT watched as the man in the doorway looked at the retreating man sadly.


QOTD: What scripture does this illustrate?

The answer to last weeks’ story ; Jesus Trek 4 – The 10 Friends was: Matthew 5; 1-13 The 10 Virgins

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