Jesus Trek – 11 – The Lost Fisherman

JT found a town with a long wharf. Tied up to this wharf were many, many fishing vessels. As he came upon them, he noticed there was a crowd building and quite a commotion.

fishing village

“Are you with me boys?” A man cried out. There were similarly dressed men and boys standing around him. They looked like seafaring folk, with the way they dressed. “That fishing boat has been gone for 3 days, he must have gotten caught in that last big storm.”

Another man, shouldered his way through the crowd, his well-dressed and confident demeanor belied a gentleman who was used to leading and getting his way. “Why are you going to risk your boats and your lives all for a puny and beat fishing boat?” He looked left and right, and then continued sneering; “He wasn’t even rich or successful. Do you think he will give you a reward if you go and rescue him? HA! Not likely.”


“Listen, me boys, if any of you was lost, we would go and try to find you. We stick together and we remain strong. All of us help each other, and in the long run we are all better off. Besides, are you willing to go tell his wife and children he is not worth our time?” He beseeched the crowd with palms held up at waist level. “We have to help him, we just have to!”

The gentleman who argued against them; retorted, “If you go after him, you are a fool.” With that he shouldered his way out of the crowd and back toward his merchants’ shop.

JT stood by and watched to see what would happen. Presently, twenty ship captains came forward and volunteered their ships. One stated, “We have to go now, there is another storm blowing in and it may come at any time.” The others around him nodded, and they quickly made their way to their ships.

The crowd slowly dissipated as the twenty ships made their way out to sea. JT watched them all and decided to stay around and find out if their search would be successful. He occupied himself for the next couple of days. The clouds in the distance looked very threatening. He wondered if the ships would be able to get back before the storm arrived.

Then the skies opened up and the rain came very fiercely. It rained for hours and hours. JT wondered how the ships were faring at sea. He also wondered if it was wise for them to risk their lives and ships to rescue one unfortunate lost ship


On the third day, he saw many ships making their way back in from the sea. He counted and at last the twentieth ship came into view towing another much older vessel with a broken mast into the bay. Finally after a few hours, all the ships were back and docked. There was a man who was bandaged, yet smiling as everyone around him smiled and clapped him on the back. You could tell this man was cherished and well liked. But looking at all the faces of the sea-faring folk they care for each other greatly. They were not willing to let one stay lost at sea. They seemed very happy and put the returning lost seaman on their shoulders in an impromptu parade.

fishing boats

Meanwhile, JT noticed the rich merchant leaning against the door and sneering at the spectacle and shaking his head. “You fools risked your life for him?” He spat on the ground and then turning on his heel, he slammed his shop door shut.

JT looked back and forth at the merchants’ shop, then at the crowd carrying the man back home. He knew then that he would much rather have friends such as these!

QOTD: Have you ever wanted to find a lost friend or something that was precious to you? What parable does this relate to?


The answer to last weeks’ story: Jesus Trek – 10 – The Gifts (Matthew 25: 14-30 – The Talents)

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