Jesus Trek 10 – The Gifts

Once upon a time there were 3 brothers. When these babes were born they were given certain gifts or talents. All had been given these gifts to use to the benefit of all.

3 brothersOne of the brothers had been given the gift of discernment, wisdom, and charisma. This enabled him to be a good leader in his city. He got people to follow him with charisma; the wisdom enabled him to rule well, and the discernment enabled him to tell whether something would benefit his city or not. The use of his three talents gave him the ability to rule well and honestly. His city profited greatly from his skills and he was elected easily for the last 40 years.

clean town

Another brother received the gifts of industry and hospitality. This enabled him to be a hard worker and also to run the finest chain of restaurants and inns the city had ever seen. People came far and wide to go to his restaurants and stay at his inns. The customers always felt better after they left his businesses than when they had come. He too caused his city to profit from his skills for the last 40 years.


The last brother, however, was a hermit who lived in a small cramped apartment in the attic of a house on the edge of the city. He had received the gift of artistic talent. His apartment was filled to the brim with paintings and sculptures. However, all these works of art no one had ever seen. He made them and kept them stored away in his apartment where no one would ever see them. He had worked on them every day for the last 40 years and yet no one had even seen one of them.


Meanwhile, the third brother remained inconspicuous in his attic garret apartment, making his paintings and wooden sculptures for no one to enjoy but himself.

Every once in a while all three brothers would get together for a meal and discuss their lives. The first two brothers had their accomplishments as well as large loving families. They would speak lovingly of what they had done and the antics of their families. When it came to the third brother, he would just say, “I am just a street sweeper, it is all I am and all I will ever be.” The other two brothers tried to help their brother with offers of jobs as well as introductions for a possible wife. The third brother was stubborn and did not want to listen; he wanted things to remain as they were.

JT walked into this city and it was indeed quite a sight. The first brother’s management of the city meant that it was the cleanest city he had ever seen. Everything was in good repair and all the citizens looked to be prosperous. The parks were perfectly groomed and the streets swept so clean if you sat down in the middle of one you would not get dirty. People seem friendly and at ease, no crime or poverty was apparent anywhere, this was a fine city indeed.

He smiled and looked about himself and found a restaurant and inn on the edge of the city. It was bustling and people of all types were entering and leaving with smiles on their face. JT knew that if the local people liked a place, then it must be good. So, he walked up the steps and into the restaurant. The menu was tacked on the wall, as well as the prices. He had to blink twice to make sure he saw the prices right. They were so low, it was incredible. Later, after he had eaten, JT had to admit that was the best value and the tastiest meal in any restaurant he had ever been. He found the same at the inn next door, great prices and comfortable beds.

JT happened to arrive in the city as all three brothers had died. It was the talk amongst the city. He happened to walk by a newspaper and saw a story about the three brothers. JT was eager to hear how the brothers had done so well with their lives.

The oldest brother had accolades throughout the land for all the good and wise ways he had benefited the city during his lifetime. He had raised sons and daughters who had followed in his footsteps. It looked like the city would be in good hands with his family to take over and continue with the good works.

It was much the same with the brother who had managed the inns and restaurants throughout the city. He too had raised sons and daughters who were well versed in the hospitality industry and had obtained those gifts as well.

Unfortunately, the story was not so glowing about the third brother. There were many works of art found in the attic apartment where he lived. However, it seemed that water had leaked from the roof and warped the wooden sculptures. It was a travesty what had happened to the paintings, the water caused the colors to run. It was said there was one painting that was only half ruined. The colors were so vibrant and the figures so perfect, it was the best painting anyone had ever seen. It was said that if all the other art was as good as this one, this painter would have been loved and adored by everyone. The rest however were lost forever.


QOTD: How did each of the brothers use his gift(s)? What scripture does this illustrate?

The answer to last weeks’ story: Jesus Trek – 9 – The Ship’s Captain (Matthew 20: 1-16 – The Laborers in the Vineyard)

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