Day 61 Ezekiel 23:20 – 35:15

One of the foundational beliefs of the Jewish people was that the God they worshiped was the Creator of the whole world. It was their conviction that Yahweh, their covenant LORD, made everything through His spoken word. As a result, the wooden and metal idols which were made by the hands of men and worshiped by the surrounding nations were no gods at all. Because Yahweh was not just a tribal god and because He was the Creator of the whole cosmos, the faithful remnant within Israel knew that all nations were accountable to Him.

We are, therefore, not surprised that when Israel’s classical prophets declare oracles of judgment that they address not only the Jewish people but all peoples. In Ezekiel 25 – 32, we have oracles of judgment uttered against the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Edomites, the Philistines, and the people of Tyre and Egypt.

It is interesting that in the first 5 of these nations their judgment is specifically related to their attitude and treatment toward the Jewish nation. For example, in Ezekiel 25:15,16, we read these words: “Because the Philistines acted in vengeance and took revenge with malice in their hearts, and with ancient hostility sought to destroy Judah, therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am about to stretch out my hand against the Philistines…….and destroy those remaining along the coast.” As we see this repeated pattern, one is reminded of God’s ancient promise to Abraham recorded in Genesis 12:3a: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.” These ancient promises and judgments prove that the LORD is faithful.

More than a few Christians believe that one of the reasons why the LORD has blessed the United States of America so much over the years is because of their favorable attitude and treatment of Israel. May that continue in America and may we seek the blessing of the Jewish people as well. Let us continually pray for the peace/shalom of Jerusalem. Let us seek to love both the Jew and the Arab and seek their salvation. In Christ’s love and service, Pastor John

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