Jesus Trek – Chapter 24 – The Valley of Shadows

JT started out that bright and sunny morning on his walk to the next town. Shortly, he came to a fork in the road. One road was wide and went straight up and over the mountain. He could see the steep road that went up and up as far as he could see. That road looked like it would be a long and arduous one. He wondered if there was an easier way to get around the mountain.

The other fork led to an unused path. It was barely more than a foot trail and appeared to be overgrown and not very wide at all. However, upon closer inspection, he found that it went directly between two mountains through a valley. He couldn’t see the end; however it was a much easier path to travel. This would be a great way to travel; JT was delighted and headed down this path.

narrow path green

Better Than Wonder Bread

The Blessing of Bread One of the best birthday gifts I have given to my wife Colleen was a Bread-making Machine. She gets a lot of satisfaction making bread, and my children and I get a lot of satisfaction eating it. She likes to eat it too. There is something special about a fresh loaf […]

A Different Kind of Peace

Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and a Christian, makes the claim that the strongest weapon in the world is sanctity. There is nothing that can defeat it. Kreeft goes on to write: It may sound strange to some people to speak of sanctity in connection with warfare, even spiritual warfare. Many “religious […]

The World’s Worst Prison

One of the most escape-proof prisons in the world was Alcatraz. From 1933 to 1963 it served as an American Federal Prison and during that time 26 prisoners tried to escape but only 5 succeeded. Constructing Our Own Alcatraz Surrounded by the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz boasted high walls, double-lock doors, guards […]

Wise Guy, Eh?

Wisdom in a Golf Shot Harvey Penick was the golf coach at the University of Texas from 1931 to 1963 and the golf mentor for some of the truly great golf professionals of all-time. These golfers include Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Kathy Whitworth, Betsy Rawls and Mickey Wright. They returned to Penick even after years […]

Quenching Our Deepest Thirst

The last words a dying person speaks to his/her loved ones are usually full of meaning and significance. This is especially true of the dying Jesus on the cross. The 4 Gospels record the 7 last sayings of Christ in their Passion narratives of Christ’s crucifixion. Let us take a look at one of these […]

God’s Opus – Your Life

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring movies I have ever seen is Mr. Holland’s Opus. It came out in 1995. Mr. Holland, played by Richard Dreyfuss, aspired to be a great music composer in his life. But because of various circumstances, he ended up teaching music to high school students. It was a job […]