Day 13 – Numbers 32:20 – Deut. 7:26

The Book of Deuteronomy consists of a series of farewell messages by Israel’s 120 year-old leader, Moses. It is addressed to the new generation of Israelites who survived the 40 years of wilderness wandering. Deuteronomy can be seen as a document outlining God’s renewal of His covenant with the Jewish people. Many times, Moses refers […]

Day 12 – Numbers 21:8 – 32:19

In our reading today, we come across one of the most enigmatic characters in the Bible – the wizard-prophet, Balaam (Num. 22-24). Balaam was from Pethor, near the Euphrates River. In Deut. 23:4, we read that Pethor was in Northwest Mesopotamia, the place where Abraham and his family were from originally. When Abraham sent his […]

Day 11 – Numbers 8:15 – 21:7

In our reading today we see the long-suffering patience of God on vivid display. The LORD is passionately committed to His people. His great purpose for Israel is for them to be a light to the other nations of the world. God’s character and God’s ways are to be demonstrated in and through the Jewish […]

Day 10 – Leviticus 26:27 – Numbers 8:14

One year has passed since Israel’s exodus from Egypt when the book of Numbers opens. Numbers recounts Israel’s wilderness journeys. It takes its name from the 2 censuses/numberings of the Israelites – the first at Mt. Sinai (Num. 1) and the second on the plains of Moab (Num. 26).  Most of the book, however, describes […]

Day 9 – Leviticus 14:33 – 26:26

In Leviticus 14:33 – 26:26, we have a great emphasis on the practicality of true holiness. These chapters cover all sorts of relationships with people and everyday situations. If we really love God with all of our heart, mind and soul, it will be evidenced by how we relate to other people. True spirituality is […]

Day 8 – Leviticus 1:1 – 14:32

Leviticus focuses on the worship and walk of the nation of God. In Exodus, Israel was redeemed and established as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Ex. 19:5,6). They have been led out of bondage(Exodus), and into the sanctuary of God (Leviticus); now they must move on from redemption to service, from deliverance […]

Day 7 – Exodus 29:1-40:39

The Judeo-Christian Scriptures devote a great deal of space to the description of the Tabernacle. We see in Exodus 25-40 and the Book of Leviticus detailed descriptions of the Tabernacle’s structure, priesthood, furniture, and offerings. There are at least 7 references in the Bible to God’s solemn charge to Moses that he should make all […]

Day 6 – Exodus 15:19-28:43

Most of today’s reading pertains to God giving the Israelites the Mosaic Law. By the Exodus from Egypt, the Israelites were brought out to new liberty (Ex. 1-18). By the Law, they were brought under new government (Ex. 19-24). By the Tabernacle, they were brought into new fellowship (Ex. 25-40). This is a recurring pattern […]

Day 5 – Exodus 1:1 – 15:18

In today’s reading, we begin our journey through the great Book of redemption and liberty – Exodus. The Book of Exodus is a great revelation of God’s power,  holiness and wisdom. It can be divided into 3 major sections: the Exodus, where the LORD brings Israel out from bondage to Pharaoh through mighty judgments of […]