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Jesus Trek – Chapter 32 – Child of God

Child of God (Galatians 3:27)

JT felt different after stepping out in faith. He knew that life would never be the same again. He had trusted in Jesus and things were changing now. He was having thoughts he hadn’t had before. He felt like a newborn colt on shaky legs, just learning to walk and wanting to run!


Jesus Trek – Chapter 31 – Stepping out in Faith (John 14:6)

JT had many things to think about as he thought about the man who was obsessed by trying to earn a spot in Heaven. It seemed so difficult now. How could someone ever get to Heaven by himself? He shook his head as he walked along the dusty road.

Obviously, what the man had tried to do would not lead to Heaven; but what would? JT trudged along until he came to a fork in the road. One path was smooth and easy, the other led up on a rough and rugged route. One way would be so much easier than the other. fork-in-the-road

Jesus Trek – Chapter 29 – The Dishonest Merchant (Proverbs 11:1)

JT was hungry as he walked into the market. He found the largest market stall and approached the owner. “Pardon me sir, would you have a job for a willing worker? I don’t want much for pay, just some food.”

The merchant was looking askance at JT as he asked for a job, however when he got to the part about only wanting some food for pay, his eyes glinted and his face broke into a wide smile. “Why, certainly young man. You don’t steal anything from me, you’ll get plenty to eat when you are done.”

dishonest fruit_vendor1

Jesus Trek – Chapter 28 – The Two Children

JT kept walking and wound up in the next town. When he arrived there, it was the cleanest town he had ever visited. There was a man who was sweeping the street and occasionally picking up a piece of trash. He looked like he was happy and enjoying himself. In fact, he was whistling while he was sweeping. This sure didn’t look like someone who hated what he was doing.



Jesus Trek – Chapter 26 – Sing to the Lord

JT felt pretty good about doing what was right in his last adventure. However, he definitely had the feeling that forces were in the background just waiting for him to stumble. ‘Maybe not even that,” he thought, “if I continue to do what is right I will gain a reputation of doing what is right and correct with the help of our Lord.

The sky was very grey in the distance. It looked like a storm was in the distance. The land was also getting greyer as well. The vegetation was getting very sparse with large expanses of sand in the middle. It felt like he was walking towards something that was waiting for him.


Jesus Trek – Chapter 25 – Thy Will Be Done

As he walked down the road, JT was glad in this wonderful day. He was glad to be alive and on this journey searching for Jesus. It seemed like life’s situations threw him directly into situations where he was forced to make decisions.

No sooner had he thought this, than he turned the bend in the road and saw a dilemma. There was a person lying by the side of the road. He looked like he had been beaten up. JT ran towards him and also saw an empty money pouch lying on the ground beside the man.

Robbed man 

Jesus Trek – Chapter 24 – The Valley of Shadows

JT started out that bright and sunny morning on his walk to the next town. Shortly, he came to a fork in the road. One road was wide and went straight up and over the mountain. He could see the steep road that went up and up as far as he could see. That road looked like it would be a long and arduous one. He wondered if there was an easier way to get around the mountain.

The other fork led to an unused path. It was barely more than a foot trail and appeared to be overgrown and not very wide at all. However, upon closer inspection, he found that it went directly between two mountains through a valley. He couldn’t see the end; however it was a much easier path to travel. This would be a great way to travel; JT was delighted and headed down this path.

narrow path green