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Jesus Trek – Chapter 24 – The Valley of Shadows

JT started out that bright and sunny morning on his walk to the next town. Shortly, he came to a fork in the road. One road was wide and went straight up and over the mountain. He could see the steep road that went up and up as far as he could see. That road looked like it would be a long and arduous one. He wondered if there was an easier way to get around the mountain.

The other fork led to an unused path. It was barely more than a foot trail and appeared to be overgrown and not very wide at all. However, upon closer inspection, he found that it went directly between two mountains through a valley. He couldn’t see the end; however it was a much easier path to travel. This would be a great way to travel; JT was delighted and headed down this path.

narrow path green

Jesus Trek – Chapter 23 – The King’s Tax

JT made his way to the outskirts of the next town and found some work helping a farmer harvest some vegetables. In addition, he loaded them on a wagon so the farmer could take them to the weekly farmer’s market.

JT agreed to ride along with the farmer to market. The farmer said he could give money or he could have equivalent wages in food instead. JT told the farmer he would decide once he got to town. He didn’t know if there was anything he wanted to buy in town without looking around first.

Boy on farm1

Jesus Trek – Chapter 22 – The Greatest Speaker

The little boy, JT, walked along the dusty road and noticed that there were people heading in the same direction as he. He asked as one young couple walked by, “Where are you going?”

“We are off to see Jehosaphat! He’s the greatest, no one can touch him!” The man said excitedly, then his female companion broke in, “You just have to see him to believe him, he is the greatest, we follow him everywhere he goes. Are you going there too?”


Better Than Wonder Bread

The Blessing of Bread One of the best birthday gifts I have given to my wife Colleen was a Bread-making Machine. She gets a lot of satisfaction making bread, and my children and I get a lot of satisfaction eating it. She likes to eat it too. There is something special about a fresh loaf […]

Jesus Trek – Chapter 21 – The Sacrifice

It was a very strange sight JT happened upon during his trek to the next town. There appeared to be two groups of people in a large field. The people ranged from toddlers to the extremely aged.

What made the spectacle so bizarre was that both sides were throwing balls of fire in lacrosse sticks at each other. He stopped awhile to watch and noted that if a person got hit by the ball of fire they were immediately expelled from the game. No one seemed to help them stop the fire that spread on the victims’ clothes; they seemed to be completely enthralled in the game.