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Jesus Trek – Chapter 18 – The Greatest Gift

JT went down the road, shaking his head at the last town. He just didn’t understand why some people thought a common thief was a hero. He wanted to find a place where the people knew right from wrong. He shook the dust of that town off his feet and kept moving.

After a couple of days, he finally walked into town just as dusk was settling over the land. In the distance he saw a very bright glow from a building on the edge of the town he was approaching. As he got closer he could hear the sound of singing voices. The sound was cheery and JT wanted to go find the source of that sound.

Church at night

Jesus Trek – Chapter 17 – The Town “Hero”

JT walked into the next town and found quite a carnival atmosphere. There were well armed men on horses in a cluster at one end of the town square. On the other end, there were men on 2 large wagons handing out goods to everyone clustered around them. It was loud with everyone clamoring for items the men were handing out. The items they were handing out did not look new. In fact, the items they were handing out looked as if it was everything one would need to furnish a house.

outlaws on horseback