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Jesus Trek – 12 – Bad Companions

JT walked all that day, spent the night in the forest and came upon another town by the coast. It was getting pretty lonely walking here and there all by himself. He thought it would be nice to have a friend. He could not remember the last time he had fun with friends.

dog sausages1 As soon as he thought this, a group of boys came running past him chasing a dog. In the dog’s mouth was a string of sausages. Six boys were running for all they were worth, but they were no match for the mongrel dog they were chasing. He easily outran them, and in the distance, the dog disappeared around the corner. The boys stopped running and leaned over with their hands on their knees trying to catch their breath.

Striking the Right Balance

A Billionaire’s Testimony Fortune Magazine quotes a comment made by billionaire H.Ross Perot: “Guys, just remember, if you get real lucky, if you make a lot of money, if you go out and buy a lot of stuff—it’s gonna break. You got your biggest, fanciest mansion in the world. It has air conditioning. It’s got […]

(Repost) What I learned about Lone Star Waitresses

Last weekend to celebrate the closing of the season bookstore that I ran I took a group of my staff out to Lone Star restaurant. While there we discovered something interesting about their waitstaff. According to our waitress, none of the staff use their real name. It’s company policy to either make up another name, or get creative and use something fun, like Thumper.


That was the name our waitress gave herself. Thumper, as in, Bambi’s Thumper.

Jesus Trek – 9 – The Ship’s Captain

JT walked for a few days until he came close to the ocean. As he came close he saw people pulling carts full of firewood past him.

It was not odd that only firewood was in the cart. However, it was strange to see so many carts that had nothing else but firewood. Normally people would come to town selling fish, vegetables, livestock or firewood. This was just firewood, and it all seemed to be traveling the same direction.

cartload of wood