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The Hope of a New Year 2015

As you celebrate the excitement and the promise of a NEW YEAR, here are some tips to help you get in the swing of things!

happy new year 2015
1.   BE HOPEFUL AND LOVING: I love the hopefulness of a NEW year!  It brings the chance for a do over and the opportunity to work on improving certain things:   I will eat healthier, I will exercise more!!  How about adding:  “I will spend more time with the people I care about putting them first before work, commitments and other “good” things.”

Jesus Trek – 7 – The Right Way

JT had been finding so many people who acted in ways that he did not want to be like. He had found a few he wanted to be like and was glad to learn from their lessons.

path between 2 walls

A little further down the road he found 2 walls, one on each side of the road. They were close to the road and at one spot there was a big barred gate for each of them. He could see towns behind each of them. Further down the road, just beyond the wall, was a very small settlement.

JESUS TREK – 6 – The Man by the side of the road

JT left that building and continued walking around the town. As he came to the edge of town he found a man laying by the side of the road, he obviously had been robbed. As a small child, he wasn’t sure what he could do but he began to approach the man.

A man in rich priestly robes, with an entourage, passed by the man lying on the side of the road smirking. Waving at the man, he said haughtily, “Oh leave him, he probably had too much wine and fell in with bad company. We don’t have time for him. I forbid any one of you to help him!” Some of the man’s followers looked sadly as they walked by; but they followed their leaders’ direction and went on down the road.


Where is the line to see Jesus this holiday season?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations are underway. Gifts to be bought and wrapped. Cookies to be made and decorated. Trimming the Christmas tree, stocking up on food, food, food for the endless meals and get togethers. Santa seems to be everywhere: in the stores, at the malls, on the streets. Children line up for a chance to see Santa and ask for those precious gifts that they are waiting for ALL year long.


Where is the line to see Jesus?

Are we taking the time to tell the greatest story ever told? Teaching our children and grandchildren that a child was born in Bethlehem so very long ago?


Jesus Trek – 5 – The Rich man

JT walked down the forest path and wound up in another town. This town was much larger and had some quite elegant buildings. In addition, there were also structures that were little better than shacks. It was easy to see some here were rich and others quite poor.

When he got to the center of town he found a simple but imposing building. He saw quite a long line of people in front of the building. They ranged in ages from children to quite elderly. The older people stood leaning on canes.

people in line

A Tribute to A Hockey Great

The long-time captain of the Montreal Canadiens, Jean Beliveau, passed away last week at the age of 83. There is no professional athlete I have respected more than this man. He was grace in motion on the ice, and just as gracious off the ice. He has his name on the Stanley Cup 17 times, […]

JESUS TREK – 4 – The 10 friends

JT Walked down the dusty path for many hours and soon he could hear the running of water. As he looked he also saw a few houses and now he could see a town. At the end of a very short main street he saw a large dock with many people milling around.

“When is it going to come, we’ve being waiting forever?” One brightly dressed woman exclaimed to the others. There appeared to be 10 ladies dressed up in finery, it was hot and dusty, yet they stood waiting by the dock.


Christmas – The Emptying of God

A Love Story Soren Kierkegard, the Danish theologian, told a story about a certain kingdom in which there was a handsome prince. This young man was searching for a woman worthy enough to be his wife and to become queen of the land. One day while running an errand for his father,  he passed through […]

A helping hand

Have you ever had the opportunity to help someone? Perhaps someone needed help moving to a new home?  Perhaps they were in a dire situation and were desperate for anything at all. It is amazing  how blessed you feel while blessing others! Storing Our Treasures in Heaven Our Heavenly Father desires that we be of […]