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Jesus Trek – 3 – A Debt Forgiven

JT trudged down the dusty road as quickly as he could. The last town that he left appeared to value the law much more than mercy. That was something he just did not understand.

After a while he grew tired and found a tree beside a river. He lay against the tree, in the shade, and stretched out for a nap. His dreams were troubled with all he had recently gone through with the house falling into the sea and the indifferent crowd letting the man drown in the quicksand.


It seemed that sounds were breaking through to him in his sleep. The sounds became louder and awoke him. He opened his eyes to find a well-dressed man on a raft floating down the river. “Can you assist me? Can you throw me that rope?”

Jesus Trek – 2 – A friend in Need

After a while JT felt the urge to leave the house on the rock. He thought he should be moving, how else was he to find out what he was searching for? One morning, he set out down the dusty road until he came to a forest.

There were so many trees, that he had never seen a forest this large before. After walking for a couple of hours he heard a faint sound of panic. “Help, Help.” The faint cry came.

JT ran towards the sound as fast as he could go. He hoped he could arrive in time to help whoever was in trouble.

The cries for help were stronger with each step he took. As he rounded the next bend, he saw a crowd of people standing and watching something. He came up to the crowd and managed to slip between them, as he was so small, and finally made it to the front.

There was a man that appeared to be stuck in quicksand, and he was submerged up to his neck. “Help, someone, please help me!!” the man cried frantically. The quicksand was not that large, it was only about 2 arm spans wide, but this unfortunate man was right in the middle of it.


Jesus Trek – 1 – House on the Beach

The little boy, JT, walked down the road towards the beach. It was a bright and sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. He thought, ‘it would be so nice to live on the beach and be able to swim anytime I wanted to.’

As if in response to his thought, he saw a house on the beach. It was like the beach knew what he needed. There was a big house sitting right on the beach.

HOuse on sand

Jesus Trek – Introduction

Greetings, this is the introduction to a new blog series that will be posted every Friday right here about a search for Jesus. This series uses story and allegory to bring scripture to life in a way that is reminiscent of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress or C.S. Lewis’ Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. It is a journey, a trek, to discover Jesus.jesus-boy-walking

Quenching Our Deepest Thirst

The last words a dying person speaks to his/her loved ones are usually full of meaning and significance. This is especially true of the dying Jesus on the cross. The 4 Gospels record the 7 last sayings of Christ in their Passion narratives of Christ’s crucifixion. Let us take a look at one of these […]

Help young Mom and her five year old daughter

This is an urgent plea for help. A young Mom with a five year old daughter is planning to move to Woodward Avenue on Tuesday, November 11th. They are fleeing an abusive situation and have been staying at the Hiatus House. This family is moving in with some clothing but nothing else. So far, we have […]